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Faculty & Staff

Carolyn Sheehan  Executive Director

Kyleen Carpenter  Head of School

Debbie Reyes  (BACS '08) Administrative Coordinator

Pricilliana Ramirez Office Staff

Evelyn Soto  Office Manager

Melissa Cornejo  Business Manager

Jean Lozada Accounting Assistant

Mindy Fontaine Executive Assistant

Glenda Guglielmo  Special Education Director

Paul Healy  Special Education, Advisor, Grade 11 Dean

Elizabeth Thurber  Student Support & Advisor

Gilbert Rodriguez  Student Support & Advisor

Al "Doc" Augusta  Student Support

Freddy Gobewole   (BACS '11) Student Support

Denzel DePina   (BACS '14)  Special Education Teacher

Elsa Viti  Mathematics Support

Anna Wood  Math Coach

Lisa Tracy  (BACS '14) Mathematics Support

Tom Epstein  Special Education

Danielle Cardi  Special Education

Dr. Matt Bowen  Clinical Psychologist

Erika Anglon-Oliver  Social Worker

Heather Rheaume, Clinical Supervisor, Student Support 

Fran Landry  Social Worker

Pedro Nunez  (BACS '06) Teaching Partner 

Maria Silva  Dean of Student Affairs

Diego White  SPIRIT Director, After-School, Grade 12 Dean

Rhonda Hanaway  Career Adviser and Career Exploration Instructor

Judy Purdy  College Counselor

Daniela Gonzalez (BACS '12) Student Support

LaRae Rhodes Covid-19 Prevention Coordinator

Ibrahim Adigun, Student Support

Stacy Joslin  Grade 10 Dean, Social Studies, & Advisor

Nick Alves  Social Studies & Advisor

Syeda Menebhi  Social Studies & Advisor

Carly Sternbourne  Social Studies & Advisor

Greg Grossman  Social Studies & Advisor

Crystal Diaz  English & Advisor

Tasche Bryant  English 

Erin "Mal" Malcolm  English & Advisor

Violet Ha  English & Advisor

Olivia Bedford English & Advisor  

  Mathematics & Advisor

Roosevelt Brown, Math and Advisor

Paul Pasaba  Mathematics & Advisor

Bryant Estrada  Mathematics & Advisor

Nick Willis  Mathematics & Advisor
Katie Desrosiers  Mathematics & Advisor

John Horton  Science & Advisor

Brianna Balke  Science & Advisor

Aaron Weinblatt  Science & Advisor

Alvaro Reina  Science & Advisor

Hailey Heater  Spanish & Advisor

Cindy Pires  Portuguese, Spanish & Advisor

Isabel Abrantes  Portuguese & Spanish Consultant

Meghan Healy  Arts & Advisor

Greg Payette  Physical Education & Advisor

Jeana DeAngelis  Fitness Instructor & Student Support

Faculty & Staff: Meet the Team
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