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For Parents/Guardians

How Can I Help My Child Succeed?




Did you know that Pawtucket Backpackers stores their food and assembles it at BACS? This program helps families throughout the city who may need extra food for meals throughout the week(including our students).  Click Here for Their Facebook page for more info. 

Sometimes families have struggles from the loss of a job, illness, or sudden rent increases. The BACS Family Fund may be able to help. We may be able to help cover some bills temporarily or put you in the direction of someone who can. Please contact your child's advisor or any staff member or administrator for more help. Or email Mindy at


BACS students are given homework every night. Try to work with your teenager to schedule time to do homework without distractions such as cell phones, television, etc.

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Check your child's grades on PowerSchool. To login, use x for the username and x for the password. Contact us at if you have trouble accessing PowerSchool.

How We Teach

The mission of Blackstone Academy Charter School is to build a strong community of learners and leaders. Our small educational environment helps foster independent inquiry, teamwork, and communication. Our students develop the skills to solve problems and use their voices in ways that lead to success in the academic, social, and professional arenas. Students demonstrate their achievements through a process of discovery, presentation, and reflection.  

Community involvement and community improvement are key themes at BACS. In addition to classes, our portfolio system structures the progression of their learning by having students study themselves and their relationships to others, move forward with an exploration of the local community, and ultimately integrate an understanding of the wider world as students become responsible, motivated, life-long learners.

Although classes include traditional tests, learning is also assessed through presentations and exhibitions of student work. In addition to classes, students complete three portfolios and a major senior project. These portfolios require reflection upon our 13 Habits of Mind, are presented to a panel, and are an important part of our proficiency based graduation system. Learn more about our mission and educational philosophy.

Proficiency Based Learning

More information coming soon.

Grading Basics

More information coming soon.


An advisory consists of a small group of students (13 or less) and a faculty or staff member who serves as the advisor. The role of the advisor is to provide another level of guidance and support for the students throughout their career at BACS. It is crucial to your child's success that you keep in touch with their advisor.

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