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Exhibition Night

What is Exhibition Night?

Exhibition Night is Blackstone Academy Charter School's (BACS) way for its students to share work that they are proud of with their community while being able to practice and learn presentation skills. The event happens twice a year: once in the winter and again at the end of the school year.

How can I help?

BACS is always looking for volunteers to donate a few hours of their time once or twice a year to judge our students' presentations during Exhibition Nights. It's easy, fun, and exposes you to the great work our students do.

What does it mean to be a judge?

During Exhibition Night, our students are presenting a piece of work that they are proud of and talking about their growth at BACS. There are many different presentations going on at the same time so we need lots of volunteers present to judge the students' work. Upon arrival, each judge will receive a rubric that will be used to judge the student. After Exhibition Night is over, judges will be asked to evaluate their experiences. All judges are encouraged to review the rubric and evaluation sheet prior to coming (electronic copies are below). Each judge will be assigned a room and will watch up to four 15-minute individual presentations. Click on the button above (under "Volunteer") to sign up to be a judge! Blackstone Academy is located at 334 Pleasant Street in Pawtucket. RI. 

Does being a judge make an impact?

Yes, judges are instrumental in helping our students become comfortable with presenting in front of people outside of the BACS community. Our students are very proud of their work and most put a lot of time and effort into their presentations - it is very validating for them to have folks show up to watch and celebrate their hard work. We also love to have the opportunity to show others a small piece of our school and what our students are working on. We believe Exhibition Night can be very informative and enjoyable for both our judges and our students. 

Sign Up to Judge

1. In the message space please indicate your affiliation (i.e. Professor at Bryant University; BACS Alumni, etc...) and if you have any preferences for who/what you'd like to see on Exhibition Night (i.e. CIP; math assignment, etc...).
2. Judges - please make every effort to meet your Exhibition Night commitment as we create the schedule weeks in advance. If something comes up and you can't make it, please try to find someone to replace you and notify Kyleen 726-1750 x101.
3. Once you submit this form, you are signed up to judge - thank you! Judges will receive a reminder email approximately a week before X-Night. 

Tel: 726-1750 x101

Thanks for volunteering!

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