Current BACS Students Have Their Own Website
BACS students should go to the Student Website for easy access to PowerSchool, 
Google Classroom, Sports News, and lots of great Photos of all your smiling faces. 
  There's also a calendar that has everyone's birthdays plus the schedule of all the sporting events starring BACS athletes. The are super fun contests at times, and even the information you need to make sure that you, y'know, graduate and stuff. Check it out!

Get to know your teachers
Faculty and Staff

Graduation Requirements

The table below shows the courses required of BACS students and is typical of what most four-year colleges require for admission. The coursework is also in compliance with Common Core standards. In addition to demonstrating mastery in the coursework below, students must also successfully complete three portfolios and a senior project in order to graduate. 

Integral to BACS's graduation requirements is a rigorous portfolio system for all students. Portfolios are compilations of specific student work that comes from both coursework and outside experiences, such as a job shadow or a service learning project. The portfolio is an opportunity for students to demonstrate how much they've learned during their school year as well as how much they've grown. This work should incorporate an understanding of the school's Habits of Mind as well as proficiency in a variety of skills. Portfolios are presented by the students each year and are assessed by a panel that typically includes the advisor, another teacher, and an administrator or outside coach. 

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