Blackstone Academy Charter School, Inc. operates a public high school as well as an educational enrichment program for middle and high school students. Our high school serves students from Pawtucket, Central Falls and Providence, Rhode Island. The school began in 2002 and grew out of the 30+ year old SPIRIT Educational Program, an educational enrichment program for students from Providence, Pawtucket and Central Falls. The school and affiliated programs all have commitments to community involvement and take a “whole child” approach to learning. The corporation was formed to assist local urban students to complete high school, attend higher education, and contribute to their local, regional and global community.

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Blackstone Academy is proud to have been a RIDE Commended School. This commendation is a reflection of our strong school culture, the academic success and growth of our students, and our commitment to engaging diverse learners despite their past or present challenges. The majority of our students go on to higher education and will be the first in their family to do so.

Blackstone Academy needs your help. It's run like a small business – every penny is spent wisely. But even with that vigilance we still can't afford everything we need to best serve our students. Please considering donating to BACS so that we can do even more for our amazing young men and women.

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BACS has been a  G Suite for Education school since 2016 and is a one-to-one Chromebook school. This platform allows for blended learning opportunities, improved collaboration and sharing, and increased security. 

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Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Enter your school’s unique access code. This will be a school identifying code,
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Step 3: On the Welcome page, your school’s survey will be displayed. Click “Start
Step 4: You have now accessed the family survey. In the top left hand corner, there is a
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Step 5: For each question, select the answers that best apply to your experience and
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