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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the cost to attend BACS?
BACS is a free public charter school of choice. There is no cost to attend.

Is there an entrance exam?
No. Admission is by lottery in the spring.

Is admission based on academic performance?
No. Admission is by lottery in the spring. Once accepted, students do need to supply past transcripts so that they can be appropriately placed in courses.

How can my child become a student at Blackstone Academy?
You can either enter your child in the lottery by using this online form or a paper form (PDFs of the forms are below the online form in English & Spanish). You must complete this form and submit to Blackstone Academy by Thursday March 18, 2021 in order for your child to be entered into the lottery. The lottery will be held on April 1, 2021.

Online Form:

Virtual Open House Dates 2021
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Thursday 1/28/21 5-6:00pm

Monday 2/8/21 5-6:00pm

Thursday 2/25/21 5-6:00pm

Monday 3/8/21 5-6:00pm

Important Dates

Jan: Multi- Charter Fair Hosted by RI League of Charters, 1/20/21

    BACS Virtual Informational Session Thursday 1/28/21 5-6:00pm

Feb: BACS Virtual Informational Session Monday 2/8/21 5-6:00pm

BACS Virtual Informational Session Thursday 2/25/21 5-6:00pm

March: BACS Virtual Informational Session Monday 3/8/21 5-6:00pm

          Last day to submit application; Thursday March 18, 2021

April: Lottery Drawing on April 1st, 2021

       Families will be informed of lottery results within this week.

April-May: Enrollment Packet for Accepted Students

              Assessment Testing, Date TBA

June: Orientation for New Families

Can I visit the school to see if it's a good fit for my child?
Absolutely! You can call our Administrative Coordinator at 401-726-1750 ext. 158 or email her at to arrange a day and time.

Where is BACS located?
BACS is located in Pawtucket. Our address is 334 Pleasant Street, Pawtucket RI, 02860. BACS is within walking distance from downtown Pawtucket. Central Falls students attending BACS are bused to and from school by a First Student bus. 

Blackstone Academy Charter School

How long is the school year? When are the vacation weeks?
You can download the 2021-2022 School Year Calendar here.

What is the average class size?
The average class size is 18, with a range from 8 to 23.

Are you affiliated with Blackstone Academy in Georgia or Blackstone Valley Prep here in Rhode Island?
No. Blackstone Academy Charter School is not affiliated with either school. 

What are the other charter high schools in the area?
There are no other charter high schools in Pawtucket or Central Falls. There are four other charter high schools in Rhode Island.

What is an advisory?
An advisory consists of a small group of students (13 or less) and a faculty or staff member who serves as the advisor. The role of the advisor is to provide another level of guidance and support for the students throughout their career at BACS. Advisories meet twice a day, once in the morning prior to the start of classes and again after lunch. On some Wednesdays, advisories meet for the remainder of the school day after lunch.

What after-school programs does BACS offer?
BACS, offers a variety of after-school activities. Examples include Student Government, SciFi Club, volleyball, graphic design, running club, ACE (Architecture, Construction, and Engineering), fitness and Debate. After-school activities start at 4 p.m. From 2:45 to 4 p.m. students are expected to be in homework club where teachers are available to assist with daily assignments and portfolio work.

What sports does BACS offer?
Sports are offered through the student's home district. For example, a student from Pawtucket who wishes to play basketball may do so with either Tolman or Shea, depending on which school he/she would have attended if he/she were not enrolled at BACS. Many of our students play sports with Tolman, Shea, and Central Falls High and several have served as Team captains on those teams. In addition, BACS students have organized intramural teams and faculty/staff games.

Does the school provide transportation for students?
There is no transportation for students from Pawtucket. The city of Pawtucket does not normally provide transportation for its high school students. A bus is provided for Central Falls students. The bus departs from the Central Falls post office on Dexter Street at 7:20 a.m. The bus leaves BACS for the post office at 2:45 p.m. The bus drops all students off at the Central Falls post office; it does not make individual stops.
BACS students are given homework every night. Try to work with your teenager to schedule time to do homework without distractions such as cell phones, television, etc.

We've discovered that most BACS students don't sleep enough, and that lack of sleep affects how well students learn and remember. Talk with your child about how much sleep he or she is getting, and if it's not enough come up with a plan to get more, even if that means collecting the cell phone, tablet, laptop or video game that is getting in the way of a good night's sleep.

Come to events at BACS! Whether it's Multicultural Night, a Parents Roundtable, Exhibition Night, or a Parent Teacher Conference, we want you to be a part of our community. Your teenager might discourage you from going, but we've found that students are almost always glad a parent or relative attended after an event is over.

If your child plays sports or is a member of a club, it's important to attend games or events when you can. We're all very busy, but it really means a lot to the students to feel that support.

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